Winter 2022 anime that are a must watch

 Spring anime season is upon us and I want to take a look at my 5 top shows of Winter 2022. It's been an interesting season, again were slapped with some good shows and then some more isekai shows. Don't get me wrong I love most Isekai shows, but the diversity in shows for me have been slowly being taken over by all these isekai shows. So with out further ado lets take a look at my Top 5 Winter Anime.

Kimetsu no Yaiba: Yuukaku-hen 

At number five on my list is Kimetsu no Yaiba: Yuukaku-hen or for those who watch English dubs, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Entertainment District Arc. For me personally I think fans have been hyping up this anime like it god-tier anime and to me its really not, if were looking at it story wise, but the animation is so nice and clean that I can see why it gets all the hype. This is demon slayers second season that follows the Entertainment district arc, which is about 11 episode. It starts off with the aftermath of Rengoku's death and Tanjiro and crew healing up. Were introduced to a shinobi hashira name Tengen Uzui who is finding help to infiltrate the entertainment district to find his three wives who have mysteriously disappeared and later find out that an upper rank demon is the cause for it, This is one amazing arc in terms of animation the fights are so clean and vibrant that I think ufotable really brought this manga to anime to life.  As a whole 2nd season I think we could have done without the 7 episode episodic mugen train arc for the first half of the season and just straight dived into the Entertainment district arc from the start, but I also understand the reasoning behind doing the Second Season that way, All in all I loved the arc and the next arcs ahead are going to be real good, manga readers know. 

Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou 2nd Season

At number four on my list of favorite Winter Anime of 2022 is Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou 2nd Season or Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest Season 2. I'm going to start by saying that I started season one about 2 months ago and just binged without knowing what it really was. The anime revolves mostly around Hajime and his companions. The story is that Hajime and his classmates get transported to another world where they are revered as heroes. While training in a dungeon, Hajime is gets trapped in the dungeon, presumed dead by his classmates and others he is forced to fend for himself and survive the dungeon. Inside the dungeon he meets Yue, who is a vampire trapped in the dungeon herself, they both escape the dungeon and Hajime decides to conquer the dungeons to find a way home. During the course of this series were slapped with a conspiracy within the kingdom and Hajime himself while on his journey meets other traveling companions who have a love interest in him. It plays like a Harem anime, but at the same time has a pretty good balance of action and comedy. The second season been a slow burn with some good development in story and I think thats what drew me to the series. I'm not into the harem-esque part of it cause its not my thing, but the story draws you in and I like the world building. The animation is pretty nice and eye catching. I think if you are into Isekai and are looking for a slight different story than the traditional isekai than this anime is a must watch.


Were finally at number 3 on my list and this one is an interesting one. If the animation design familiar then you guessed that this show and manga is from the same creator that came up with Magi manga. The story revolves around these creatures called Kishin and the Bushi who fight off these Kishin. The main characters are Musashi and Kojiro who live in a mining village. Musashi wants to become a Bushi along with Kojiro whose father was a Bushi and for a band together. Not knowing what this anime was about I just dived in and just gave it look, its only a few eps in and I like the story so far. I may hold out till more episodes are available and just binge a few episodes at a time, but this series if its anything close to magi's story I will definitely keep watching and hoping the anime won't end with a cliffhanger like magi anime did. I love action fantasy type of Shonen anime and hope it does good and sticks around for a while. 

Digimon Ghost Game

Down to the nitty gritty of my list and for the number two spot its Digimon Ghost Game, even though this came out in the fall it trickled down into the winter season and it has a place on my list. I don't need to explain the premise of it, you know the usual kids work with Digimon to help save the digital world. What makes this season different is that its more of a horror series than a regular Digimon series. Digimon have crossed over as ghosts and just cause all sorts of problems for the gang. Another thing I like about this series is that its a bit dark similar to how Digimon Tamers(season 3) was back in the day. Story is decent and characters as well, what I like is that the main Digimon Gammamon has various forms for different types like his virus type form has to be the best so far and of course the most darkest. If you like Digimon and are a fan I would advise you to check it out, it may seem like a childish anime at first, but it is really a good direction for the anime this season and I hope it keeps the horror theme throughout, its really different and better than the digimon appli series which I disliked so much.

Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season Part 2

And Finally to my number one anime! You don't realize how long of a wait it has been to get to see the anime at this point. The final season part 2 is upon us and I have read the manga and I have to say its one of my favorite manga reads and anime watches in a long while. What I loved about this anime is the story and the anime's animation which to me is on point and for the most part high quality animation by Mappa. Erin has made himself out to be the bad guy in stopping a war that has been waged for a few 100 years. The second part should be carnage and mayhem with characters falling like dominoes and most of them falling to there knees in defeat. What made this series such a good one to me, is that each character has their reasons for doing what they do, let it be a good or bad guy. Sad to see this anime series go, but at least its getting completed and hopefully the anime does the manga justice.

With my list complete there is only one thing to ask, What are your top favorite anime for the Winter season and what anime are you looking forward to for the spring season?

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